My name is Josette Diaz.  I am the founder of Guidance to Wellness.  I began my company out of my own personal transformation.

I had a 15 year career as the Administrator over the Outpatient Call Center and Scheduling Services, in a top rated Academic Healthcare facility.  I transitioned after I remarried, and had my second child, to a full time Mom, Wife and Life Manager (all the Mama's out there, feel this).

Thirteen years later, my life as I knew it, stopped.  My husband left, we lost our home, and I hadn't occupied a career outside of my home for more than a decade.

Out of this major life event, I started Guidance to Wellness.

I am a Transformation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and NLP Master Practitioner.  I specialize in working with women to identify their truest nature so they may rise to the occasion of their own sovereignty with grace and ease.

Transformation is necessary when change occurs.  It does not require a dramatic shift or devastating event.  

Desire for change is enough.

This is one of my genius zones in life.  Helping women see their true nature and exercise autonomy in every aspect of their life.  This does not mean you cannot work with others or be in a marriage.

Exercising your autonomy is about being true to yourself in your decisions.  Compromising without selling yourself short or giving your power away.

Establishing boundaries that are harmonious in your life is part of your autonomy.

As a Healer and Energy Worker, I provide further support through Intuitive Mediation Journeys.  The experience is part Shamanism, part Metaphysics and part Alchemy.

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What it means to be a Professional Reiki Practitioner and Teacher:




As a Professional Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Guidance to Wellness works within the California Senate Bill SB-577.  It is the responsibility of the Reiki Practitioner to inform clients that Reiki is a compliment to traditional Western medicine provided by doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals. Practitioners are not licensed physicians and Reiki does not require a license by the state.  All clients sign an Acknowledgement and Consent form to receive services. All client information is kept for 3 years and is strictly confidential.  

Professional Associations

San Diego Reiki Corps - Sharp Memorial Hospital, Integrative Arts Program - Volunteered for 3 years as a Reiki Practitioner in the hospital


International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), Reiki Membership Association/Affiliate

www.reiki.org & www.reikimembership.com

International Association for Reiki Professionals

www.iarpreiki.orgedule and Appointment



Josette Diaz is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) and Intuitive Energy Coach. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. All Certifications were accomplished over a period of time in a class setting. 


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