Penny for your Thoughts

I once had a vision of Jesus. Back when I was a young adult way before I found a Spiritual Mentor or had several wonderful and talented Therapists.

The vision was around how we think, what thoughts mean and how if we think with Love first, things would come easier.

Fast forward, I found a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I became a Practitioner and Teacher. Understanding energy and how it works brings you back to thought. The beauty of being in a body is, we create our reality, the "reality" inspires thought. We can take this to a good place or a bad place. What we continually focus on, begins to show up in our world.

The Good....I see my work as providing me with endless opportunities. New opportunities, continue to show up.

The Bad...Like when I thought I was in trouble with my boss and it turned out I was being given good news. Or when I build something up in my own mind, creating circumstances that do not exist and then believing a perception of the situation based on those "circumstances"...come to find out that was not what was happening at all.

These are moments I have to correct my thinking. I can choose the next time the situation arises (and it will), to stop, do not get taken over by fear, do not speculate beyond my control.

Allow, remain open and receive.

This as a human in the human world takes work and practice! You cannot do this easily. You can however DO IT! Being vulnerable in these moments is such a display of Power and Bravery.

The point is, when you have a Thought Spark, you are calling this energy to you. It is like flicking a lighter, it can take a few times to actually create a flame based on how much intention and action you use when flicking the lighter.

So consider, every thought calls energy to you, if it is judging others with power behind it, you are calling this energy towards you. We are not perfect, most of us judge others in some form or another. This is where in A Course in Miracles, Atonement comes in. You can Atone for what you have brought into your life and create a correction.

Practice being Mindful, this allows your brain and nervous system to rewire itself. Your mind shifts from being a Reactionary Mind to an Observant Mind. Your thoughts go to Love more often then judgement.

A Course in Miracles teaches, all "sin" is an error, needing correction. Now I am not saying that the horrible things that happen to people or that happen in the world are not in need of consequences or just need a little love and correction. I am speaking to most people's every day lives.

We are truly accountable for everything in our world. You can only control you, so what do you want your Thoughts to Call Into Your Life? Think about it.....

In Loving Service.




Josette Diaz is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) and Intuitive Energy Coach. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. All Certifications were accomplished over a period of time in a class setting. 


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