Time to Take Inventory!

Here we are half way through the year! It's a good time to take inventory. Has the year gone in the direction you desired? We can never really predict 100% what our future holds, but we do try to navigate what is important to us in the moment.

Take a time out and write down two timelines. One is a personal timeline, beginning in January to the present moment. The second timeline is a professional timeline. Document all the accomplishments and mis-steps of the year so far. Then reflect on your timeline(s) to see where you stand today.

This gives you an opportunity to assess where you are and make any course corrections to meet your goals and vision for the year. Have fun with this!

Timeline Sample: 1. Think of milestones and mis-steps. 2. Reflect 3. Course Correct

Jan. July





Josette Diaz is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) and Intuitive Energy Coach. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. She has been practicing Reiki since 2006. All Certifications were accomplished over a period of time in a class setting. 


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